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Tech Support

Let someone else fix the computers for once. Go reread your job description.


The Friendliest Tech Support You've Ever Seen

We're unlike your average I.T. firm, because we recognize that knowing computers is only half our job: communicating with humans is the other (more important?) half.

We don’t just hire engineers who are talented with technology — we hire people who are talented with people. Job requirement #1: Care (a lot!) about the world and the well-being of its citizens.

How do we promote peace on Earth and goodwill to all computer users? By both helping you with your technology, and by putting a smile on everybody’s face in the process.

You've never liked talking to your I.T. guys this much.

"Ethics" contains both I. & T.

We're real people with real families, lives, and dreams, like you. When we hire, we seek candidates who have inner drive; who are smart, funny, caring, and kind. When we hire based on these criteria, we also end up with colleagues who are deeply honest and ethical.

Oh — we also know a thing or two about computers.

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