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Stephanie Bao

Idealistic feminist hippie artist and an observer of impermanence, Stephanie spends entire weekends installing and uninstalling Linux distros for fun. Cuts and dyes own hair.

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Jill of All Tradez

Stephanie's educational background was in art history and social science, but has been a computer tinkerer since she was a wee babe.

Naturally curious and a firm believer that computers are tools to help us, not rogue-drones to confuse or enrage us, Stephanie finds it one of her life missions to ensure machines work for people, not the other way around.

Whether onsite installing phone networks or writing scripts at home in her pajamas, Stephanie is willing to try most things twice and keeps her schedule as flexible as her mind.

You can find out more about Stephanie at her website

Dina Pratt-Young - Nerdette Extraordinaire

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Kevin Bicknell - The Emcee Squared

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