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Noam Birnbaum

MacCentric Solutions’ founder and El Presidente, Noam has helped thousands of businessfolks get a smidge closer to their goals through the use of technology. And has tried to have fun doing it.

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Keeping Things Under Control

Noam started in the I.T. industry in 1993, after realizing his fascination with technology didn't have to just be a hobby. After getting addicted to coffee at various Help Desk and Systems Administration positions, he founded MacCentric Solutions in 1998.

"The day I can't run a business that upholds my principles is the day I quit and join the clergy," he says, and one time he almost did, before realizing it would have been a kind of giving up.

Noam plays classical piano, has published poetry, fiction, radio essays and interviews, and performed standup comedy before realizing that a comedy career would require him to spend more time than he could stomach in Los Angeles. (Apologies, and love, to our SoCal clients!)

He currently is awaiting submissions for a public RFP on how to get his children to eat their greens.

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Cory Logan - Lead Developer

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