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Kevin Bicknell

Lyric-loving, word-slanging, beat-making-emcee. When he’s not basking in the glow of Ableton Live or Reason, you can find Kevin at the local coffee shop; fixed behind a MacBook with his husky at his feet.

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Onwards and Upwards

With an educational background in cinema production and film history, Kevin enjoys the artistic and story telling advances brought forth by auteurs such as Chaplin, Fellini and Altman, to name a few. Kevin’s love of both antiquated forms of the past and technological advances of the future makes him a sort of human fault line; straddling the analog and digital alike. As one of the newest members of the team Kevin aims to provide excellent service and swift resolution for any issue that may arise. He is thrilled to work and learn with such consummate professionals as are found in the ranks at Maccentric Solutions.

Stephanie Bao - The Terminalator

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Jenn Preston - Numerator

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