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Jeff Mann

Guitar-abusing, motorcycle-riding, kitty-loving, tattoo-collecting, computer-smackdown-deliverer.

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On a Steel Horse I Ride

Jeff Mann is not comfortable talking about himself in the third person. Early Facebook culture agitated him a great deal, but that's another story...

Working on his Ph.D. in International Studies, he was on a career trajectory towards becoming an international troublemaker and revolutionary. Or a college professor. Given the inevitable outcomes of either of the aforementioned options, Jeff decided a career in IT would be much more practical.

And despite being a Mac-centric, Prius-driving, progressive-minded, techie-dude living in Austin, TX, Jeff insists he is not in any way a hipster, citing his Southern roots, intense disdain for intentional irony and whimpy indie-rock, and a deep love for Freedom Rock, his big-ass motorcycle, an ever-growing tattoo collection, and the Oxford Comma. And BTW, Jeff has seven cats.

Cory Logan - Lead Developer

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Dina Pratt-Young - Nerdette Extraordinaire

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