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Dina Pratt-Young

You can usually find Dina behind a Mac and a cup of coffee. And that's before, during and after business hours.

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She's An Avatar of Dedication

Computers and smartphones have always been a pastime for Dina, but MacCentric makes it possible for her to do what she loves and get a lil moola for it.

Customer service is her specialty. In her earlier years, she supported Presidents and CEOs for mortgage banking firms. She's lived in Rancho Cucamonga, Irvine and Arcata. There isn't a personality type or technical level out there that she hasn't already worked with. She once trained a doctor on how to use a mouse. True Story.

In her off-time, Dina loves to be outside. A Southern Cali native, she loves exploring the bars in San Francisco and Oakland, and hiking in Marin and the East Bay. She's a huge proponent for satellite internet and solar-powered Macbooks because she'd love to surf the web in the middle of the woods.

Jeff Mann - The Doctor

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Stephanie Bao - The Terminalator

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