Securely Erasing an External Hard Drive

Like many computer users, you may have some old, external hard drives lying around collecting dust. Perhaps you used to store music on them, or maybe they’re old backup drives that are now too small to be useful. Whatever the reason, you’d like to dispose of them ecologically. (See below for some e-waste recycling options.)

But before you hand them over to the recycling center, or even if you throw them in the garbage, you should ensure that your data is GONE from them platters. The standard Empty Trash feature is not good enough — trashed files can be easily recovered by someone with enough knowhow and moxie.

This week, we’ll show you how to format those drives so that your personal data has been removed. Go ahead and grab one of those old drives and follow the steps below. (more…)

Find Any File With As Few As 3 Keystrokes & Siri like dictation on your Mac!

Find Any File With As Few As 3 Keystrokes

Gone are the days when files had to be meticulously organized in folders. You can search for anything on your computer, regardless of its location — even for words within documents. Just use your Mac’s Spotlight application.

In this week’s newsletter, we’ll do a basic Spotlight overview, and in a future newsletter we’ll give you some advanced tips. (more…)

Type way faster on your iOS keyboard, Right Now!

Time, it seems like there never is enough of it and things keep moving faster and faster.  In fact, Moore’s Law, stated in 1965 that transistors on processors (which are used for processing power) would double every two years.  Many believe there surely will be a ceiling at some point, and yet processors and much of our technology today continues to double right on schedule. (more…)

Being a better communicator, the Apple way.

Did you know that most emails are perceived with negativity even when there is none intended? Have you ever fallen victim to a misinterpreted email or text? has a list of 6 best practices that may prove to be helpful when crafting our digital communication — and one of them is not only super-simple to do with your iPhone, but it’s fun too! (more…)