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Outsourced IT

Let someone else fix the computers for once. Go reread your job description.


Backup Service

It seems like everyone gets burned once when it comes to computer backups. We can keep you safe!


Save Our Sausage

For folks who generally like to take care of their own IT, but suddenly find themselves on a stick, over the fire. Mmmmmm sausage.


iOS Depoyments

Yes, it's different than throwing iPhones at heads of your employees.


Phone Systems

We love stickin' it to the big phone companies by installing VOIP systems! Why not save some cash?


Email Hosting

Email, contacts, calendars? Yeah, we got that under our thumb, like Mick Jagger.


Filevault Protection

Is it secret? Is it safe? If you need to keep secrets, everyone in your organization does.


Theft Deterrence

People are mean, they steal stuff, then there are those who just leave a laptop on a train.



Apple-certified Macintosh consultancy, mother-approved.

Why do we rock so hard?

Some would say, it's in the sauce, but we would say, it's in the people.

Our People

The Pepole
Let Us Tell You About US

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Stephanie's mugshot
The Terminalator

Idealistic feminist hippie artist and an observer of impermanence, Stephanie spends entire weekends installing and uninstalling Linux distros for fun. Cuts and dyes own hair.



Cory's mugshot
Lead Developer

Motorcycle riding ruby dork, with a passion for travel, and boogieing daft punk. When he's not in the modern world of technology, he's probably off adventuring somewhere.



Jeff's mugshot
The Doctor

Guitar-abusing, motorcycle-riding, kitty-loving, tattoo-collecting, computer-smackdown-deliverer.



Dina's mugshot
Nerdette Extraordinaire

You can usually find Dina behind a Mac and a cup of coffee. And that's before, during and after business hours.



Noam's mugshot
Mac Daddy

MacCentric Solutions’ founder and El Presidente, Noam has helped thousands of businessfolks get a smidge closer to their goals through the use of technology. And has tried to have fun doing it.



Jenn's mugshot

Jennifer is on East Coast time, and she's ahead of that by hours already, which means, she lives in tomorrow. She's calm, she's collected, she's cool, and she keeps all of the trains running on time. No, you can't have her.



Barent's mugshot
MCS Ride-or-Die

The most recent addition to the MacCentric Solutions family unit, Barent is a special needs care provider turned Help Desk Aficionado.



Kevin's mugshot
The Emcee Squared

Lyric-loving, word-slanging, beat-making-emcee. When he’s not basking in the glow of Ableton Live or Reason, you can find Kevin at the local coffee shop; fixed behind a MacBook with his husky at his feet.


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